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Why I'm running

     There was a time when families could count on the institutions in our country to generally have their interests in mind. Or, if they didn't, to at least leave them alone. But, today, those institutions all seem to have turned on us. Big government. Big business. Big Tech. They've become so big and hostile that they now threaten our entire way of life. 

     Big government has gone from merely threatening our pocketbook to making us feel like enemies in our own country. Corporate America went from just pushing products to pushing hostile agendas on us. And, Big Tech went from being platforms to share photos and connect with friends to censoring speech and creating dangerous concentrations of power. These “Big Three” have pushed the envelope so far that the America that existed only five years ago now feels like a distant memory. 


     For years, we were told that moral issues lose elections. They said that for our Party to stay competitive, we couldn’t talk about the traditional family, free speech, or protecting local communities. That for Republicans to win, we have to stick to issues of big business that supposedly unite everyone. Well, do you feel like we’re winning


     I’m running to stand up to these big threats to Hoosier families. I’m a traditional conservative that believes in the small—the family, small business, small towns, and family farms. It’s time for the Republican Party to remember who its real constituency is. And, it’s time for our leaders to do more, right here at the state level, to take back our way of life. If you agree, then I ask your family to join me.

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